Celebrating 21 Years in The Murder Mystery Business

21 years ago today, with the support of some incredibly supportive people (especially Deb & Gab), I started BigTime Murder Productions. Over the years I’ve had the honour & pleasure of working with the most talented, loyal & funniest performers in Canada. We’ve had a great ride, travelled all over the world, and entertained hundreds of thousands of people from every walk of life.

I’m forever grateful!

Big party coming soon. 21 more amazing years to come!

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The funniest, most engaging online murder mystery shows for geographically separated guests. 5-star Google rated fun for groups of 8 – 498  Zoom Mystery!

Professionally hosted U-dunnit Mysteries. Invite your friends, family or colleagues from anywhere in the world to enjoy this all new KILLER Murder Mystery Party.

You’ll love this stress-free, super fun show in which your gang plays the suspects and culprit, while being lead by one of our pros.

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