Full Corporate & Full Calibre Mystery

Always comedically customized for your group, our corporate entertainment can gently roast some of your guests and include them in the show as key suspects.

Audience Size
10 – 400
90 mins-2hours
BigTime Pros
6 – 8 people
During or w/o lunch/dinner
90 minute no-meal version & 2hr during-meal version available »
We specialize in off-site shows. We go to ANY location!
We specialize in off-site shows. We go to ANY location!

BigTime  provides a perfect entertainment experience for company event, corporate event and team building event to take part in and enjoy. We’ve built a great reputation by producing action-packed shows full of comedic chaos!

With our Full Corporate Mysteries, we involve our show-goers as aspiring sleuths and even as hilarious suspects. And because our focus is always on comedy, at a BigTime mystery, you might die laughing, but you will never have to worry about being splashed with blood or losing your appetite to a gruesome crime scene.

Makes for an amazing holiday office party, company event, corporate event, team-building event, destination entertainment, fundraiser, conference fun, and more!

The critics have spoken…

"Excellent, fantastic, engaging, enjoyable"

- Nitin S.Dealer Relations RepresentativeMackenzie Investments

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What is included in a Murder Mystery?

With every Full Corporate Murder Mystery we supply:

  • A custom corporate event experience that ensures the inclusion of your group and specific guests right into our comedic show
  • A production coordinator (so you can sit back and enjoy yourself with your guests)
  • All clues and evidence
  • props,
  • show ballots,
  • pencils,
  • nametags & even prizes
  • Full audio system and dinner music for groups of up to 200 people.
  • Funny, professional performers, working from a professionally written script


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How Your Murder Mystery Will Work

Choose your location… anywhere in the world!


The BigTime Full Corporate Murder Mystery experience takes place at the location of your choice and begins during your pre-dinner/lunch reception. Our intriguing plot unfolds as you mingle with the outrageous characters and discover their funny and fascinating stories.

Suddenly, there is a murder! Is the victim stabbed? Shot? Poisoned? BigTime’s resident flat foot is quickly on the case!

Everyone, including the BigTime characters, is then seated for dinner. During courses, we interrogate the suspects and gently roast some of your guests while discovering clues.

No one is above suspicion! As dessert arrives, you examine the evidence and fill out your ballot. The excitement builds as our resident flat foot begins to unravel the mystery…

Does the culprit surrender? Not a chance! Be prepared for a wild ending of deals, double deals and maybe even a shootout.

Get your prize!
With the mystery solved, BigTime prizes are awarded, and we induct a lucky winner into our BigTime Witness Relocation Program.

Perfect for team building event

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A 90 minute “Popcorn version” of our famous Murder Mysteries is also available…

What’s a “Popcorn version”? It’s our Full Corporate Mystery with the meal (and all meal breaks) removed.

The basic difference between the Popcorn version and our usual Full Corporate Version is that the Popcorn version takes place without a meal, or it starts after your guests have eaten, and runs non-stop, whereas our Full Corporate Version starts during your reception and continues with various acts taking place around your meal service, ending as your guests enjoy their dessert.

Although with our Popcorn version you don’t get the benefit of character mingling during your reception, and the characters don’t eat with your group, we’ll still incorporate 5 or 6 of your better known guests in attendance right into the 90 minute show as hilarious witnesses, lawyers, or suspects. Our special officer is on scene and quick to comedically question the suspects after the body drops, and after a bit of a song and dance we hit the big finale that will leave you shocked, laughing, and wanting more.


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