Team Conspiracy

Always comedically customized for your group, our corporate entertainment can gently roast some of your guests and include them in the show as key suspects.

Audience Size
10 – 400
2 hours
BigTime Pros
6-8 people
During or w/o lunch/dinner
* 90-minute show also available
We specialize in off-site shows. We go to ANY location!
We specialize in off-site shows. We go to YOUR location!

“Excellent, fantastic, engaging, enjoyable are just some of many comments received on your incredible show & performances. The talk & laughter have not stopped and are sure to continue to be very alive among our colleagues. Your characters, story line and all that came with it was nothing short of professional and impressive. You made our dealer appreciation event exceptional and a great success for both us and our guests. The engagement you brought with our guests not only helped us continue the opportunity for our company to strength our relationships, but to relax and enjoy and evening of pure entertainment. On behalf of myself and our staff at Mackenzie Investments, thank you for this wonderful experience!”

– Nitin S.
Dealer Relations Representative
Mackenzie Investments

Gather your group for a fun and laugh-filled team building exercise… we can even make it a surprise!

105Our larger than life characters mingle with your guests, an announcement shocks your unsuspecting guests, a body drops and teams are announced.

Each team must choose a team captain, make up a team name, work together to solve the mystery as they enjoy a fast-paced and hilarious round of suspect interrogations.

After examining the evidence and agreeing upon a solution, captains deliver their team’s summation before our Special Officer solves the case and awards prizes to the winning team(s).

Works perfectly with or without a meal, mid-day or as an evening cocktail gathering – no problem! Easily host this event in your lunchroom, boardroom or other open space.

Your group with love it!

Available as a 2 hour during-meal show or as a 90-minute non-stop/no meal event.

What is included in a Murder Mystery?

With every Full Corporate Murder Mystery we supply:

  • A custom experience that ensures the inclusion of your group and specific guests right into our comedic show
  • Funny, professional performers, working from a professionally written script
  • Clues, props, show programs, pencils, nametags & even prizes
  • A production coordinator (so you can sit back and enjoy yourself with your guests)
  • A success-proofing tips sheet, AND MORE!

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The funniest, most engaging online murder mystery shows for geographically separated guests. 5-star Google rated fun for groups of 8 – 498  Zoom Mystery!

Professionally hosted U-dunnit Mysteries. Invite your friends, family or colleagues from anywhere in the world to enjoy this all new KILLER Murder Mystery Party.

You’ll love this stress-free, super fun show in which your gang plays the suspects and culprit, while being lead by one of our pros.

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